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Incredible knowledge, which is a virtual shortcut to overcoming the Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. 

Painful feelings    Guilt    Mental Anguish

Be rid of them now and forever.

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Whether you have had a miscarriage or an elective abortion, this information will benefit you and those associated with the event.  Including the husband, significant other, family, friends, nurse, caseworker, and the medical doctor who performed the procedure. 

How the Hurt is Reinforced 

Listen to political debates on any level; the abortion issue will typically be presented.  It’s the same in the news media.  Read a newspaper, magazine, watch t.v.  Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, it makes no difference.  If you have undergone the trauma of abortion, it’s like rubbing salt in an open wound.  And, you may sometimes have little choice but to sit there and listen to it all, sometimes to the point of pretending that you are unaffected and actually interested.  The graphic bumper stickers. The baby killer signs.  And all of this is hurtful and painful which may bring back memories and feelings of doubt, of that time and place and what might have or could have been –



And Oh YES…

  Men may also suffer from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. 

For too long a time memories of my abortion which occurred more than 20 years past have come back to disturb me.  For my family and me this information has been a true blessing.


Angelia, North Dakota

Abortion has essentially become a two-sided sword of politics and morality.  It has divided the nation: made adversaries of relatives and friends –  

It’s Like a New Age Civil War…

With no hope of peace on the horizon, and the number of injured continues to increase.


What We Offer You

A genuine solution that will serve to remove you from this fracas, and keep you out of this turmoil…

"Post Abortion 911", presents alternative reasoning and is intended to lessen some of the negative and dangerous post implications of abortion and miscarriage as well.  It does contain specific information about the fetus and counters the most adverse suppositions.  Having this information at your disposal enables you to analyze pregnancy and abortion from an uncommon perspective.  By going direct and focusing on exactly how and why - by not accepting the well worn clichés and explanations and by using your personal intuition.  You may well be able to overcome the trauma that is associated with abortion aftermath.

  ~ Post Abortion 911 ~

“The only independently researched, non-medical publication concerning Post Abortion that you will ever need to read”


Regret Abounds 

Studies have shown that regret is quite common among women who have had an abortion.  In some polls, as many as 80% of aborting women state that under different circumstances and with positive support they would have chosen to carry the pregnancy to term.  Before reaching their 46th birthday, it is estimated that upwards of 40% of women in the United States have had one or more abortions.  Sometimes women will have a desire to get pregnant immediately after an abortion – to replace the aborted fetus even though the same circumstances are in place, which led her to choose the abortion.


The information that I obtained from you was completely unknown to me and my friends.  It has done an enormous amount of good in my own life.  I never plan to have another abortion.  But, I feel so much about the abortion that I had.


Polly, Florida


My abortion was one year ago.  I have always felt that I did something wrong.  I could never discuss it with my husband, and to add to my dilemma, I wasn’t married at the time.  This knowledge has removed a heavy burden from my mind.  Thank You.


Jean, New York


You Must Feel Better About Yourself 

For women and for the men in their lives who have experienced an interrupted pregnancy – TAKE THIS TIME TO FIND OUT EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED AND WHY…

Allow this ancient knowledge to redefine the term abortion for you.


When you know – You Know 

This knowing can set you free of negativity and guilt associated with the aftermath of abortion.  

  • Is any pregnancy which doesn't produce a child fair?

  • How is the immortal soul involved in abortion?

  • Why will some defend the fetus at all costs?

  • What is the source of current thought and conclusions concerning elective abortion?

  • Can the mindset which promotes negative post abortion conditions be changed?

  • Is it possible that your twin brother or sister was aborted before birth?

  • Why did the Roman Catholic Church wait until the 19th century to completely ban abortion?

  • What secrets are contained in the Six Rites of Amnesty?



Post Abortion Inherent Dangers 

·        Mental irregularities

·        Long term clinical depression

·        May effect the care and development of future children

·        Need for psychiatric hospitalization is increased

·        Intense feelings of grief and despair

·        Behavioral problems among children of the past abortive mother

·        Substance and alcohol abuse

·        Denial – the tendency to blame others, anger, confusion

·        Self condemnation, feelings of worthlessness

·        Suicide


The Hidden Dangers

Mental aberrations, which are dormant, may manifest at any time.  There is no way of knowing when or where they will materialize.  And without time restraints or warning. 


Studies have shown that abortive married women are at a higher risk of clinical depression than unmarried women who carried their unintended pregnancies to term even after many years.


“Women Deserve Better Information”



Some of the data, concepts and information contained in "Post Abortion 911", may be of assistance to professionals and especially in the practice of counseling and therapy.  Religious practitioners may also have a particular interest.




Why spend the rest of your life with painful memories not resolved?  Don’t take the chance!  Take this opportunity to resolve them now!




The Middle Path 

We provide information, which was researched and compiled independently without support or backing from any pro or anti abortion group.  Formulated from historical records and ancient theological studies which are virtually unknown to the vast majority of people on this planet.  Based on fact, which can be substantiated.  What you won’t find is medical or political mumbo-jumbo.


The Publication – Post Abortion 911


This publication is exceptionally easy to understand and implement.  Direct, to the point, and accurate.  Presented to you in an easy to read format which is under 40 pages.


WE GUARANTEE --- that you will not find the same content of this publication in any one book published in the United States, at any price.


Available to you --- A compilation of more than 200 articles, books, and research studies.  Much of this information was not obtained in North America.  Some of the content that you will read was translated from Sanscrit into English.  It has been fully assembled and is made available in this venue for the very first time.



You may never be involved in an automobile accident.  Your house may never catch on fire.  You may never be troubled by mental irregularities or Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Indications!


But What If?


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The only non-medical information about Post Abortion that you will ever need 



To you who suffer greatly, more help will be provided.  And from all of it you will surely gain.  --- A proverb of Ancient Tibet


Post Abortion 911 contains the very answers you have been searching for.  A totally new unconventional report.  Available ONLY online...






I applaud you for your courage and your desire to become more knowledgeable about a subject which affects all of us.